February Chapter Meeting: IG & RIM Basics, Part I

February 21, 2018
8:30 AM MST - 10:00 AM MST
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Zoom (Online) Conference


Information Governance and RIM Basics Part I: File Plan, Taxonomy, and Classification

Karen Payne, CRM, CPO Principal, IMERGE Consulting

The organization of information is the foundation of information governance. Categorizing, cataloging, codifying, grouping, assigning, sorting…all are synonyms for creating structure in information. The tools used to create structured information are classifications, taxonomies, and file plans. The goal: identification, storage, management, and retrieval of information. This session will explore the differences and similarities of each of these fundamental RIM/IG tools. In some ways, they each are distinctions without a difference.

Karen has worked in information governance/records and information management as a corporate Records Manager and as a self-employed consultant for over 25 years. Both prior to and since joining IMERGE, Karen has worked with clients in both the public and private sectors. She has been an ARMA member since 1990 and has held leadership positions in three Chapters, including NNM ARMA President since 2015.


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